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The theoretical concepts discussed throughout the training allowed me to discovernew knowledge and to understand the field of continuous improvement underanother angle.

Raïssa Wandji

The cases studied allowed me to approach several facets of the same problem, to workon concrete situations.

Oumaima MAHER

I would happily recommend this training to anyone wishing to evolve professionally.

Yolaine Célia ZEDONG


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Scrum Fundamentals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scrum training?

Scrum training is a learning program designed to teach the principles, values, and practices of the Scrum framework. It enables participants to understand the roles, artifacts, and key events of Scrum, as well as gain the skills needed to work effectively in a Scrum environment.

What are the benefits of Scrum training?

Scrum training offers numerous benefits, such as a better understanding of Scrum, improved collaboration and communication within teams, increased flexibility to adapt to changes, and enhanced productivity and product quality.

Who can attend Scrum training?

Scrum training is open to anyone interested in agile project management and seeking knowledge about the Scrum framework. It is particularly beneficial for project managers, development team members, quality managers, and IT professionals.

Does Scrum certification expire?

Scrum certifications typically do not have a formal expiration. However, to maintain their value, it is recommended to engage in continuous professional development activities and stay updated with Scrum practices and advancements.


Scrum Fundamentals